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Generic List of Classes to XML using LINQ

Dim _doc As New XDocument(New XDeclaration("1.0", "UTF-8", "yes"), _
 New XElement("EmailAccounts", _
 From EMailAccount In CEmailAccountsList _
 Select New XElement("EMailAccount", _
 New XElement("AccountFromSender", EMailAccount.AccountFromSender), _
 New XElement("EMailAddress", EMailAccount.EMailAddress), _
 New XElement("MailServerAddress", EMailAccount.MailServerAddress), _
 New XElement("MailServerType", EMailAccount.MailServerType), _
 New XElement("PaperFlowImportDirectory", EMailAccount.PFImportDirectory), _
 New XElement("Password", EMailAccount.Password), _
 New XElement("Port", EMailAccount.Port), _
 New XElement("PropertyID", EMailAccount.PropertyID), _
 New XElement("PropertyIDFromSubject", EMailAccount.PropertyIDFromSubject), _
 New XElement("SecurityType", EMailAccount.SecurityType), _
 New XElement("SubjectAsIndex", EMailAccount.SubjectAsIndex), _
 New XElement("Username", EMailAccount.Username))))


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