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Retrieve Class Properties

Get all of the Properties for a Class call Invoices

   Private Function GetInvoiceProperties() as Boolean
         ' List the properties.
         Dim property_value As Object
         Dim properties_info As PropertyInfo() = Invoices(0).[GetType]().GetProperties()

         For i As Integer = 0 To properties_info.Length - 1
            With properties_info(i)
               If .GetIndexParameters().Length = 0 Then
                  property_value = .GetValue(Invoices(RecordNumber - 1), Nothing)
                  If property_value Is Nothing Then
                     ListViewMakeRow(lvwProperties, .Name, "<Nothing>")
                     ListViewMakeRow(lvwProperties, .Name, property_value.ToString)
                  End If
                  ListViewMakeRow(lvwProperties, .Name, "<array>")
               End If
            End With
         Next i
   End Function

   Private Sub ListViewMakeRow(ByVal lvw As ListView, ByVal item_title As String, ByVal ParamArray subitem_titles() As String)
         ' Make the item.
         Dim new_item As ListViewItem = lvw.Items.Add(item_title)

         ' Make the sub-items.
         For i As Integer = subitem_titles.GetLowerBound(0) To subitem_titles.GetUpperBound(0)
         Next i
      Catch ex As Exception

      End Try
   End Sub
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