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Query with User Defined Column Selection in EntitySpaces 2010

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I need to execute a query based upon a Table Column name that the user will select from a ComboBox and a search value from a Textbox. Since the Column names are strongly typed off of the Enity Collection, I have not stumbled across the method to perform this type of query.

I have figured out how to create a column from the metadata…

Dim esCol As esColumnMetadata =

Then I tried the following…

Job1matchCollection1.Query.Where(esCol.Name = txtSearchField1.Text)

but the SQL query is…


so it appears the the WHERE clause is not getting set. Am I going down the right or wrong path? I am ultimately going to bind the collection to a DataGridView in a WinForm application.sColumnMetadata =


Here’s an example (we are using the literal SQL approach). That is, anything between “” is passed literally straight through to SQL.

string columnName = "EmployeeId";
esColumnMetadata col =;
int id = 1;
EmployeesQuery q = new EmployeesQuery();
q.Where("<" + col.Name + " = " + id.ToString() + ">");
// Just to see the SQL (testing only)
string sql = q.Parse();
EmployeesCollection eColl = new EmployeesCollection();

This generates the following SQL:

SELECT * FROM [Employees] WHERE (EmployeeID = 1)
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