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DataTable.DefaultView Property – Gets a customized View of the Table that may include a Filtered View, or a Cursor position.

Gets a customized view of the table that may include a filtered view, or a cursor position.
The DefaultView property returns a DataView you can use to sort, filter, and search a DataTable.

The following example sets a property of the DataTable object’s DataView through the DefaultView property. The example also shows the binding of a DataGridView control to a DataTable named “Suppliers” that includes a column named “CompanyName.”

Private Sub BindDataGrid()
   Dim table As New DataTable

   ' Insert code to populate a DataTable with data.

   ' Bind DataGrid to DataTable
   DataGrid1.DataSource = table
End Sub 

Private Sub ChangeRowFilter()
   Dim gridTable As DataTable = _
       CType(dataGrid1.DataSource, DataTable)

   ' Set the RowFilter to display a company names 
   ' that begin with A through I.
   gridTable.DefaultView.RowFilter = "CompanyName < 'I'"
End Sub

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